Rising Sun: Integrative Health for Animals

Rising Sun Animal Wellness Center offers your companion animals the best of both approaches to veterinary care, conventional veterinary services and holistic services – an approach called integrative veterinary care.

We offer a complete range of conventional veterinary services for companion animals, including routine examinations, lab work, surgical and dental work, digital x-ray, farm visits, and more.

While conventional medical treatments are very good for certain conditions, the deep healing of chronic ailments is often more successfully treated with the holistic disciplines of homeopathy, herbal medicine, acupuncture, and veterinary spinal manipulative therapy. Rising Sun offers these services in addition to our conventional veterinary services.

This is what we mean by integrative health care.

Howlin' Around Town:
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Our Twentieth Anniversary!

Come join us to celebrate 20 years of caring for your pets. Pet Costume Contest! Animal and human treats! June 19th – June 21st.

Paws Up!

Keeping Secret running!

Secret would not run so happily if it were not for her regular visits to Dr. Marta! Thanks for all you do to keep her together.


How do you thank a clinic for saving the life of someone that is such an important part of your family?

Lily is a sheep, yes but she is so much more to us. And I know without the treatment, kindness, and caring from Dr. Marta and her wonderful staff, Lily would not be alive. It is very hard to find the words at this time.

We thank you at Rising Sun Animal Wellness Center from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for giving us our Lily back!

–Patty & Bryan